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Welcome to NAHUC!

Welcome to the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators (NAHUC). NAHUC is dedicated to promoting health unit coordinating as a profession through education and certification, complying with the NAHUC Standards of Practice, Standards of Education, and Code of Ethics.

We are glad you’ve decided to take this step in your professional development and sit for the health unit coordinator exam. Before you proceed with registration, please make sure you are familiar with the contents of the candidate handbook

PREPARATION: If you have studied to become a health unit coordinator, it is recommended that you review your course notes, handouts, and test materials. You may also study the resources listed in the candidate handbook under "Suggested Resources".

Whatever materials are used, please refer to the examination content outline on pages in the candidate handbook. The exam questions are based on the exam content outline topics, not any one book or resource. NAHUC recommends all candidates use the content outline and go to the back index of their study book(s) and look up those topics.

In completing the multiple-choice examination, the candidate will need to select the best answer out of four choices. Usually candidates can rule out two of the wrong answers right away. The challenge is to pick the best answer out of the two remaining plausible answers. Remembering the practices of customer service, safety, and scope of practice may be a helpful strategy in selecting the best answer.

Best wishes for success on your examination!

Candidate Handbook

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